Game Rules - Official rules for tournament and club play

Cheat Sheet* - List of all 2- and 3-letter words and other helpful words for beginners (by Mike Baron & John Attamack)  *missing new additions beginning February 29, 2024

Scoresheet - PDF scoring and tracking sheet for printing (by Alan Stern)

TournamenTracker - PDF for recording your tournaments -  Scrabble Players Championship edition (by Alan Stern)

NWL23 additions - There are over 700 words between 3-8 letters that have been added or returned to the newest list


NASPA - Organizing body for Scrabble tournaments and club play in North America

Cross-Tables - Tournament schedules, stats and club listings for North America

Club 195 - Meets Saturday mornings in West Los Angeles

Club 34 - Meets Tuesday afternoons and evenings in Huntington Beach