Club Championship

Each year Club 44 holds an annual Club Championship Tournament. The champion is the
player with the most wins. Should there be a tie for most wins the largest cumulative point spread determines the champ. A trophy is awarded to the winner with name inscribed and held until the next championship when it is then passed on to the new champion. The winner also is admitted free of club fees until the following year's tournament. Listed here are the past champions. No tournament was held for the years 1986-1991.

Club 44 Champions

1979 Maddy Golob
1980 Bill Hamilton
1981 Alan Stern
1982 Alan Stern
1983 Bill Hamilton
1984 Althea Huber
1985 Pete Skaggs
1992 Ruth Stern
1993 Al Fisicaro
1994 Bruce D'Ambrosio
1995 Chester Collins
1996 John Gardner
1997 Gary Moss
1998 Rita Norr
1999 Alan Stern
2000 Ira Cohen
2001 Judy Levitt
2002 Joel Elkins
2003 Bruce D'Ambrosio
2004 Ira Cohen
2005 Maddy Golob
2006 Joel Elkins
2007 Maddy Golob
2008 Judy Levitt
2009 Joel Elkins
2010 Alan Stern
2011 Cesar Del Solar
2012 David Whitley
2013 Joel Elkins
2014 Maddy Kamen
2015 Judy Levitt
2016 Judy Levitt
2017 Maddy Kamen
2018 David Pearl
2019 David Pearl
2020 COVID-19
2021 COVID-19